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Motorola Business Two-Way Radios and Accessories

Our Products Transform Individual Workers into a Highly-Productive Team

Today’s fast-paced workplace requires employees to communicate smarter, faster, and more efficiently than ever before. Reliable and simple to use, the push-to-talk technology of Motorola Business Two-Way Radio products means:

• Instant answers for on-the-spot decisions
• Easy information sharing
• Increased productivity
• Greater customer satisfaction
• Quicker response to emergencies, and improved safety

All with NO monthly fees or service charges!

The Motorola family of Business Two-Way Radios includes:

the CLP Series (elegant, discreet communications);
the CLS Series (lightweight, indoor use);
the RM Series (for every day use and abuse);
the RDX Series (rugged, outdoor use);
the DLR Series, NEW in 2015 (simple digital solution); and,
the DTR Series (heavy duty, digital communications).

In addition, Motorola two-way radio product line offers a comprehensive selection of Business Two-Way Radio Accessories for increased functionality and efficiency.

Motorola Recreational Radios

Motorola’s Talkabout (walkie-talkie) Recreational Radios provide affordable and dependable communication for personal use. Check out PTT’s Two-Way Radio Outlet’s selection of Talkabouts!

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